shaving ur v is really hard i don’t think us people with vaginas get enough credit for that

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The past several years haven’t been easy on any of us, but what makes it okay is that we stick together.

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I wish I could illegally download clothes

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following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

Got a secretCan you keep it?Swear this one you'll saveBetter lock it, in your pocketTaking this one to the graveIf I show you then I know youWon't tell what I saidCause two can keep a secretIf one of them is dead

pretty little liars meme[2/5] liars
↳ Aria Montgomery

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College kids literally don’t care about walking in the way of cars at school because we’re like “hit me i don’t care pay my tuition.”

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"Hit me my thesis is due in 12 hours and I haven’t started it"

"Hit me I have a final in an hour and I didn’t study"

"Hit me I’ve been on a 24 hour drinking binge and I’m invincible"

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My faerie palace of sweet slumber


*in a haunted house* *walls start bleeding and spell 6  6  6*

*pulls out sharpie and makes it 69  69  69*

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im a bad person who thinks bad thoughts like ‘ew what is that girl wearing’ and then remember that im supposed to be positive about all things and then think ‘no she can wear what she wants, fuck what other people say damn girl u look fabulous’ and im just a teeny bit hypocritical tbh

I was always taught by my mother, That the first thought that goes through your mind is what you have been conditioned to think. What you think next defines who you are.

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